Inviting in, Building up, Sending out


According to the book “Almost Christian”, many teenage youth are not finding a faith that can last them a life time. Here, we will make sure they have room to make strong friendships and ask any question. They will be safe, welcome, challenged, loved…


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Their THIRD Place

American adults and youth have similar FIRST and SECOND places… Home and Work/School. But what is the THIRD place for most youth nowadays? The sports field? The phone? The club? For faith to stick, youth will need the habits and discipline to keep church their THIRD place.

  1. Sunday night youth groups are part fun, part fellowship, part food, and part faith development. They may not always want to leave the comfort of the bed or the sofa to come, but they will always be glad they came.

  2. Our Faith conversations come through a Reformed Theological lens. That means, the faith that saves is not ours… it was Christ. Youth will come to know and believe and practice faith. But it will always be Christ’s faith, Christ’s faithfulness that makes all the difference on their behalf


From our Director of Youth Ministries

“I’ve got one of the best jobs on the planet, learning and teaching the youth of Oconee Pres about God, faith, scripture, and life.”

Chris Mokros

Director since January 2019