FUN is a fruit of the Spirit, and a sacred activity Our Youth have FUN at National Youth Conferences each summer

Welcome + Worship

For God, we INVITE IN all people to discover the love and grace of Jesus Christ, and to be one loving family of faith.

  • WORSHIP is the heart of our life together
  • FELLOWSHIP opens our hearts and minds to neighbors and strangers
  • OUTREACH commissions us to meet new disciples
Connect + Grow

With God, we BUILD UP one another in the fellowship of Holy Spirit, encouraging all to discern and use their gifts.

  • CHILDREN are nurtured and cherished
  • YOUTH and young people love to be, and are loved
  • ADULTS of all ages connect with God and one another
  • FAMILIES of all kinds find encouragement and support
Serve + Give

For God, we SEND OUT empowered disciples to share God’s love in Word and deed, and to relieve suffering in Christ’s Name

  • CARE through prayer, bearing one another’s burdens, and forgiving
  • MISSION to those in need, near and far, with our time and resources
  • STEWARDSHIP of all that we have and are to bring God glory

There are so many things I would love to tell you about this congregation. Instead of reciting for you the long list, I'll just borrow some words from Jesus, and invite you to, "Come and see!"

- Rev. Joel L. Tolbert