Inviting in, Building up, Sending out

Our Mission Statement includes…

Sending Out Empowered Disciples

We are called by God to share God’s love in word and deed, and to relieve suffering in Christ’s name.



You are WELCOME here… excited or skeptical… young or old, or in between… unchurched, dechurched, never been churched, always been churched… If you love God, aren’t sure about God, really struggle with God, you are WELCOME here...

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…is the heart of life together, and we believe the work of God flows from Spirit-filled worship.

Scripture, faithfully interpreted in the power of Holy Spirit, is our guide for faith and life.

We keep our hearts and minds open, believing the Spirit is leading us to believe new things, do new things, and become new people.

And FUN is another word for the fruit of the Spirit called JOY, so we consider FUN a sacred activity.

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Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me; do not stop them!” Therefore, at Oconee Presbyterian, ALL children are ALWAYS welcome for ALL of worship…



Youth are not just the future of the church… they are the PRESENT! Therefore, at Oconee Presbyterian, Youth serve in worship, on Session, and grow in their own faith and relationships…



Children and Youth learn about faith from the Adults around them. Therefore, at Oconee Presbyterian, we encourage every Adult to attend a class, group, or community of growth and support…


Get Involved

Rev. Joel reminds us every Sunday, he is just the pastor. WE are the real MINISTERS of this church. We bring our gifts of time to a mission partner. We bring our gifts of talent to support a ministry or program of the church. We bring our gifts of treasure to support all these ministries, plus our staff and space. Find a place to get involved!


Mission Partners

We have many different local, national, denominational, and global mission partners. Each partner helps us share God’s love in Word and deed, and relieve suffering in Christ’s Name.

Volunteer opportunities

Joel reminds us every Sunday, he is just the pastor. WE are the real MINISTERS of this church. Every ministry and program needs volunteers. How could you help?

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Beside your time and talents, this congregation depends on your generosity with treasure also. Jesus reminds us, “Where our treasure is, THAT’S where our heart will be also.”


From our Pastor

“Wow, what a gift! After seven years of service, this congregation blessed me with a sabbatical from May through July. I rested, healed, reflected, and learned. I’d love to share more of what I remembered and learned about myself and this church. I’m looking forward to sharing with you all what I believe God might be inviting us to do together in the seasons ahead.”

Rev. Joel L. Tolbert

Pastor since April 2012