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Envisioning OPC

Our Stewardship campaign for 2020

Every church is the same. We all come together to worship and serve the God we know in Jesus the Christ. Every church is different. Each church has unique gifts and resources to help bring God’s kingdom into the world. How is Oconee Pres different? What gifts and resources has God given us? What corner of God’s kingdom would come true sooner if we put it all together at once? Let’s gather together to discuss and commit to a new vision for 2020 and beyond!

Volume 2

Elder Matt Johnston interviews Director of Children’s Ministries Rev. Christin Norman about our calling to help grow the Children of this church into a grove of disciples.

Volume 1

Elder Matt Johnston interviews Elder Scott Haines on the ways our gifts can support the current (and future?) facilities, the garden, and all our spaces.