From Easter (Apr 1) to Pentecost (May 20) is exactly 50 days. And we are trying to bring 50 cans in 50 days for ACTS to support their food ministry this summer. Bring your cans any day of the week, or on Sunday when we worship together.

Area Churches Together Serving (ACTS)

Contact: Tom Claiborne

The purpose of ACTS is to enable churches to join together to provide material and emotional support for those people with emergency needs who are permanently or temporarily within our community. ACTS began in 1963.

ACTS offers food, clothing, and limited financial support towards the cost of housing and utilities to individuals in need. The ACTS distribution center is open on Tuesday and Friday between 9:00am and 1:00pm and is located at 130 E. Thompson Street in Bogart.

Oconee Presbyterian Church supports ACTS by providing volunteers and funding to assist with the collection, organization and distribution of food and clothing.