The Members ARE the Ministers

Ordination/Installation of Elders

Being part of the Church is a joy, and a commitment. A faithful member witnesses to God’s love and grace, and promises to:

  • Proclaim the good news, in word and deed,
  • Take part in the common life and worship of the congregation
  • Lift one another up in prayer, concern, and support
  • Study Scripture and the issues of faith and life
  • Supporting the ministry with money, time, and talents
  • Demonstrate a new quality of life in and beyond the church
  • Serve others
  • Living responsibly
  • Work for peace, justice, freedom, and human fulfillment
  • Participating in the governing of the church

Active Members

An active member is a person who has:

  • made a profession of faith in Christ,
  • has been baptized,
  • has been received into membership of the church by the Session,
  • has voluntarily submitted to the government of this church, and
  • participates in the church’s work and worship.

Active members also participate in the governance of the church and may be elected to ordered ministry.