Our Beliefs

Rainbow over Oconee Presbyterian



The Theology (God words) you will hear at Oconee Presbyterian are open minded, and open hearted.

Humility as Human Beings

Though created in God’s image, we are not God. Our words and understandings are but feeble flawed attempts to capture the mystery of God. Therefore, we must stay open, stay in conversation, and leave room for the Spirit to move and guide us.

A Sovereign, Loving, Just, Triune God

In all things, the ultimate and only authority and power is God. This God we know to be just and loving. We know this one God in three persons, as Father/Creator who brought all things into being, Son/Christ who redeems all things, and Breath/Wind/Fire/Spirit who sustains all things.

Authority of the Scripture

The Scriptures are the unparalleled witness to who God is and what God wills. However, the Bible is the work of sinful people who were trapped in a specific time and worldview. The Bible therefore must be studied in light of that context, through prayer, in community, and by Holy Spirit.

Justification by Grace through Faith

Grace is God’s love and acceptance, is boundless, expansive, and irresistible. Our faith in God and God’s grace is incomplete and weak. Therefore, it is not our belief, acceptance, or faith that saves, but the faith, the faithfulness of Jesus the Christ that makes all the difference.

Priesthood of all Believers

The life we live matters very much, not for our own salvation, but as a sign of our gratitude for what God has done, and as an offering of faith and support to God and God’s mission. We cannot separate the salvation of ourselves from the struggles of our brothers and sisters.