Empowered Youth Programs

Empowered Youth Programs (EYP)

Contact: Deryl Bailey

  • The aim of EYP is to develop & nurture academic and social excellence in children and adolescents. We believe that every student should have post-secondary education as an option.

Gentleman On The Move (GOTM)

Targeting African American males, this initiative has as its ultimate goal the enhancement of academic performance. This goal is a achieved by providing positive role models, academically challenging the students and engaging culturally relevant strategies.

Young Women Scholars (YWS)

Mirroring Project: GOTM, this program addresses the needs of young women as they navigate through the rigors of the educational system. As with the males, positive role models are pivotal to the success of this program.

Parents of Empowered Youth (PEY)

Parental involvement is required for students enrolled in Empowered Youth Programs. Parents meet on a regular basis to explore areas of concern as well as to highlight helpful strategies and to formulate other types of support for the students.