Connect + Grow @OPC

Jesus started his ministry by gathering disciples to know him and to share life with him. He knew Connection was key to fullness of life. Even inside God’s own self, there is the Connection of community, what we conceptualize as the Trinity… God the Father/Creator, God the Son/Redeemer, God the Spirit/Sustainer… three in one, connected, doing the dance of perfect relationship.

We were all made in God’s image. Therefore, we seek connection. Children, Youth, and Adults need to feel connected. Jesus modeled a way to get started, with 12 disciples, with a dozen or so close friends. That’s where we start as well. We have specific ministries to help Children, Youth, and Adult get connected to close friends. Then, as we grow in faith regardless of age, we expand our connections to the to the wider church, to the wider world, and even to God.

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