If your faith is stagnant, wavering, or maybe even non-existent, no problem. Being a disciple isn’t really about having the right knowledge or beliefs. Discipleship is about having the right disciplines, as in practices. Key disciplines nourish our body, mind, heart, and spirit so we are able to find wholeness and purpose even as we help grow the Kingdom of God.

Wherever you are on this journey of faith, there is a way to move forward, or perhaps we should say 4word!


Attend worship. Jesus attended worship with others. It was his custom as an infant, a youth, and an adult. It should be our as well. Can we set aside half or more Sundays each month to attend worship with our church family?

If you’re ready for the next step, begin a daily worship routine. Read scripture, pray, consult a devotional, or journal. We’re ready to help you find a daily worship practice that works for you!


Get connected to a group. Jesus built a small group as his very first action of ministry. He called the disciples together, and spent considerable time with them. Can we commit to attending a Connection group of our church, and getting to know one another and be known?

This church has many different groups for all ages to help us know one another. Children have Wednesday night groups… Kidz Klub (k-2nd) and PYG – Pre Youth Group (3rd-5th). Youth have Sunday night groups… POYA – Peace on You All (6th-8th) and TGIF – Teens Gathered in Faith (9th-12th). Adults have various “Care Teams.”

These connections and relationships weave us together to make us stronger together than we could ever be alone. Find a group that seems to match your age and stage, interests, or even just your schedule, and GO!

Then, if you are ready to take the next step, find a study group to grow your knowledge and faith. A great place to start is Sunday morning Sunday School classes, 9:45am, from Aug-May.


Serve the Church. Christ gave a large percentage of his time and attention to making his religion, its customs, practices, and traditions match closer to the great and loving God. Every member is valuable to the body of Christ. So, find some ministry that could benefit from your talents, and serve the church so it looks and sounds more like Jesus.

Then, if you are ready to take the next step, find some way to serve others beyond the church through a Mission partner. Jesus loved to serve the wider commuity, and gave special attention to the poor and needy, the young and the old, the stranger and the foreigner. When you are ready, we will help you find a great mission partner so you can serve the community or the world!


Jesus talked about money more than anything, except maybe the Kingdom. He knew it was a competing god, and it would always challenge our full attention and allegiance to God the Fathers. So, he lifted up those who gave. Start with a tithe – Set aside a percentage of your income, and give it to the church automatically on a regular basis. This discipline teaches us trust, letting go, and getting by with less.

Then, if you are ready to take the next step, listen for other opportunities to give extra, above and beyond your tithe, and make an offering to a ministry that needs a bit extra to really grow. The Spirit is always growing and doing new things. If you are ready to give an offering, above and beyond your tithe, we’ve got some great ideas that need a bit extra to make a big difference.