Inviting in, Building up, Sending out

Adults & All-Church

We are never finished learning about God, faith, or life. In GROUPS, adults get to know one another and ourselves better. We stretch our minds and hearts to see the world through God’s eyes. We challenge one another to change the world for the better.

At all-church EVENTS, every age come together as one big family of faith to clelbrate, eat, learn, play, and serve.

We encourage every adult to find at least one GROUP to attend regularly, and to faiithfully attend our all-church EVENTS.


 Adult Groups

All-Church Events


Envisioning OPC (Stewardship 2020)


Every church is the same. We all come together to worship and serve the God we know in Jesus the Christ. Every church is different. Each church has unique gifts and resources to help bring God’s kingdom into the world. How is Oconee Pres different? What gifts and resources has God given us? What corner of God’s kingdom would come true sooner if we put it all together at once? Let’s gather together to discuss and commit to a new vision for 2020 and beyond!